ELECTRICAL Premium for Revit

A range of fully featured Lighting, Power, Data, Fire & Security components and tools.
Perfectly suited for Electrical Engineers and Architects using full Revit

  • Free up design time
  • Perfect documentation
  • Intuitive elegant Revit solution
  • Ordered structured families, built for usability


Power & Data

Fire & Security

"We bought content from RevitWorks and we’re very impressed... Now we can focus on our clients and the design process, rather than battling a mix of poorly coordinated families."

Pontus Hammarback - Stephenson&Turner NZ Limited

Huge Range of Customisable Families

Lighting Fixtures

Over 73 pre-built generic metric Lighting Fixtures ready for use:

Floor / Table Lamps| Pendants | Downlights Spotlights | Wall lights | Bollards | Pans and Linear Extrusions
Fluorescents | Exit and Emergency Lights 

Copy and amend to create new variants as shown in our help files.

Stunning 3D's & Consistent 2D Layouts

All RevitWorks Lighting Fixtures have standard nested 2D symbols, interchangeable 3D models and user definable lighting and photometric data.

We will show you how you can easily edit the fittings and even use manufacturers content and data to incorporate into RevitWorks lighting fixtures allowing you to keep your 2D symbols and schematic layouts consistent and create stunning 3D views and renders.

Outlets and Switches

Over 120 pre-built metric Electrical Fixtures ready for use:

Power Outlets| Industrial (3 phase) Outlets | Switches Data Outlets | AV Outlets | Data Cabinets
PIR Light Switches | Electrical Boards

Fire and Security

Over 50 pre-built metric Fire and Security Fixtures ready for use:

Fire Detectors| Fire Sounders | Fire Controllers| Security Controls | Security Sounders | Alarm Controls | Fire Alarm Panels | Security Alarm Panels

Elevation Reporter

RevitWorks Electrical Premium Includes a special add-in that allows the fixture elevation height to be shown with the plan symbol automatically.

Special Features

All items come pre-built with must-have controls and features (where relevant for the type of fixture) including:

  •  All components can be placed on any face
  • Consistent symbol representation across all components
  • Outlets and switch plan symbols can be offset from the actual fixture (with or without a leader) so your scaled plans remain tidy and uncluttered
  • Cut-plane extension feature allows low wall fittings to be shown on ceiling plans
  • Even on sloped ceilings, symbols show on your plan as expected

Standards Compliance & Free Localisation Service

All Electrical components have been created for USA, UK, Canada, Australian and New Zealand markets and are built to mimic common generic components within those countries including symbology.

Free Localisation Service

We can incorporate any other commonly recognized country standard free of charge. Point us in the right direction to find all the information required to create the common components and symbols for your country and we can build them for you. Conditions do apply so please contact us to discuss.

Company Standards

If you would like help integrating the electrical content into your own company standards, we can help with that too at our cost effective rates. Please contact us to discuss.

Premium ELECTRICAL Technical Information

Detailed information in easy to print PDF's & our extensive help system

Technical Specifications:
Outlets and Switches

Technical information including catalog of families, object styles, detail levels, shared parameter usage and parameter explanations

Technical Specifications:
Fire and Security

Technical information including catalog of families, object styles, detail levels, shared parameter usage and parameter explanations

Technical Specifications:

Technical information including object styles, detail levels,
shared parameter usage and parameter explanations

Elevation Reporter

Documentation on how to use the RevitWorks Elevation Reporter add-in


Documentation on how to use the RevitWorks lighting families within your project 


Catalog of all the lighting families you receive within the Electrical Suite

Customisation Tutorials

A series of quick posts and videos to get you started customising the families

"I have used RevitWorks products extensively for the past four years. The structure and logic of each tool makes design and documentation quick and efficient."

Michelle Saldanha - Stephenson&Turner NZ Ltd

Ready to Turbocharge Your Business?

ELECTRICAL Premium - Pricing & Options


Content for Revit
Versions 2022 to current**

Sample content
for you to try

  • Selection of Lighting power, data, fire & security components
  • Fully customisable



Content & Add-in for full Revit
Versions 2025, 2024 & 2023*

Best for Electrical Engineers and Architects using full Revit

  • Over 240 Lighting, power, data, fire & security components
  • Consistent functionality & placement controls
  • Fully customisable
  • Localised Content
      *View Local Standards*
  • Elevation reporter Add-in

starting from
$995 USD


Buy several products together and save $$$

for Full Revit

starting from
$1446 USD


Designed for Revit LT

Best for residential projects using Revit LT

  • Over 140 Lighting, power, data, fire & security components
  • Consistent functionality and placement controls
  • Fully customisable

starting from
$475 USD

All pricing is in $US. Local sales tax may be added at time of purchase.
* Older versions are no longer supported but may be available upon request.


If you have previously purchased any of our products you will be able to upgrade that product to the latest version at a fraction of the full purchase price.

Electrical Premium UPGRADE Pricing

Electrical Premium includes Revit content and the Elevation Reporter Add-in.

  • All content components will automatically upgrade themselves when loaded into a newer version of Revit (just like any other Revit family). An upgrade is only required when we release new components and features.
  • The Elevation Reporter Add-in is valid for a specific version of Revit. It never expires for that version, however, an upgrade is required to be compatible with each new major release of Revit. This is typically once a year.

Elevator Reporter Add-in UPGRADE Pricing

up to 5 users

$95 USD

up to 10 users

$155 USD

up to 20 users

$235 USD

up to 40 users

$355 USD

over 40 users

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