2D Detail Components for Revit & Revit LT

2d detail components that will help you work faster and produce great details. 

Fixings 2d

Fixings 2D

Fixings 2d

Flashings 2D

"If you’re 'detail oriented', the RevitWorks fixings and flashings packages definitely speeds up what everybody knows is a time consuming part of any project. It makes much of the process of 'place and click'.”

Kedric Leach - Leach Industries

RevitWorks Detailing

Revit detailing is an important aspect of documentation within your BIM Model. Ready-to-use and simple-to-incorporate Revit detail components are a must. The power of building information modelling flows down into your Revit detailing. RevitWorks detail components are tools that any architect can use within their project regardless of size or complexity. RevitWorks provides fixings and flashing components that make 2d detailing as easy as one-two-three.

The Benefits of Using Revit Detailing Library

You can either create your own detail library or take advantage of the existing options. Both methods can help you finish your project faster while enjoying the process. Detailing in Revit is simple. All you have to do is get started. Take advantage of a large library of detail components at RevitWorks.