After repeatedly wasting 20 hours of my week creating components for BIM drawings, I thought there must be a better way.

We create components for Autodesk Revit software that actually work throughout the whole BIM process.

Grant Taylor / Co-Founder & Director

What if I told you there was an easy way to shave off half your working week so you can spend it doing more important things?

- Document your designs quicker than you have ever done before? No problem.

- Know that you will be able to comply with industry standards without even knowing what they are yet? Yep.

- Make Revit work for you, not the other way round? Definitely.

It's great when manufacturers give you all these free components to use in your BIM models, right?

Well, until you realise that they...

a)  Aren't all written with the same standards and you spend 20 hours reworking it all at the last minute

b)  Don't play nice together

c)  Are not designed to be re-purposed, locking you into
something that may not be quite right.

As a Draughtsman and Architect this used to drive me insane.  Let alone wasting hours and hours of my time.

Grant Taylor / Co-Founder & Director

Alex Page / Co-Founder & Director

My name is Grant Taylor, and along with my business partner Alex Page we 're the founders of RevitWorks.

Together, we have been involved in the AEC design and documentation industry for over 55 years.

We have brought all that experience to RevitWorks where we create easy to use component libraries and plug in modules for Autodesk Revit BIM software, that complements the design and documentation process.

This is what we do:

We painstakingly create and test thousands of generic components like doors, casework, flashings and piping

You get them neatly packaged in a download that you just plug and play

For example:

Jonathan Custance from Custance Associates recently bought a RevitWorks Suite and said this...

“RevitWorks products helped to solve a major problem that all our users experienced ….. not having the component library to use Revit effectively. Not only do they help to address this but more importantly they have created a system to allow our users the ability to permeate their own variations with relative ease and cost effectively. This is the supercharger or magic chip that helps make Revit sing.”

Jonathan Custance 
Managing Director - Custance Associates                 

The best part?  

All the hard work has been done

Adding in components that work with your BIM drawings shouldn't be hard...

But trying to use components from manufacturers and other sources that don't understand your job... 

...and expecting it to all work, is insane.

Just how I used to feel.

So that's why we're here - we know how it should all fit together and do the hard work for you 🙂