Fixings for Revit & Revit LT

2d detail components that will help you work faster and produce great details.

  • Speed up your 2d documentation
  • Full range of fixings types with a consistent look and feel
  • Annotate using keynotes and/or tags

"Have just placed a bolt. Never thought I would describe
this as a pleasurable experience."

Nigel Case - Light House Architecture Ltd

Great range of 'place and click' Families

Watch how easy it is to place, amend and annotate the fixing components within your project.

Get into the flow with these easy to use components

Fixings for all occasions

A range of 2d families with instance-based options for all standard diameters (metric and imperial) - engineered for usability.

Head and Nut Plans | Standard Bolts
Anchor Bolts | Sleeve Bolts  | Hook Bolts| Threaded Rods
Symbolic Bolts | Screws | Coach Screws | Nails| Rivets

Special Features

  • Line based families – making it simple to place & manipulate just by dragging the grips
  • Consistently built - can be swapped with any other at any time
  • All bolt standard diameters pre-loaded: Metric M3-M36, Imperial #0-#14, 1/4"-5/8"
  • Specify a washer size, or choose to have it automatically sized

Create all the fixings you need in your details

More Information

Technical Specifications

Technical information including object styles and instance and type parameter lists and explanations.

Ready to Turbocharge your Detailing?

"If you’re “detail oriented”, the RevitWorks fixings and flashings packages definitely speeds up what everybody knows is a time consuming part of any project. It makes much of the process a “place and click."

Kedric Leach - Leach Industries

Fixings 2D - Options & Pricing

All the 2d fixings are delivered in a Revit 2015 project (metric and imperial sizes included)


For Revit & Revit LT
(not a Revit Add-in)

Sample content
for you to try

  • 1 x Fully featured fixing
  • 1 x Symbolic fixing
  • Easy to use and customise


Fixings 2D

For Revit & Revit LT
(not a Revit Add-in)

A Revit project file containing pre-built detailing components

  • Head and Nut Plans, Standard Bolts, Anchor Bolts, Sleeve Bolts, Hook Bolts, Threaded Rods, Screws, Coach Screws, Nails, Rivets
  • Head types include: Hex, Counter sunk, Socket, Button, Coach, No head
  • Metric sizes M3 - M36
  • Imperial sizes #0-#14, 1/4"-5/8"
  • Fully Customisable

$115 USD


Buy several products together and save $$$

Included products:

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If you have previously purchased any of our products you will be able to upgrade that product to the latest version at a fraction of the full purchase price.

Fixings 2D UPGRADE Pricing

All components will automatically upgrade themselves when loaded into a newer version of Revit (just like any other Revit family). An upgrade is only required when we release new components and features.

There are no current upgrades available