Save hours searching for and managing Revit components like...

So you can focus on the design process & your clients

As you know, to create quality Revit content you’ll need to have all these three...

High level of skill with Revit and the Family Editor

This means several years experience in creating Revit families and using them on a regular basis.

Detailed understanding of design and documentation processes

A thorough understanding of your specific needs so the content does what you want.

An inordinate amount of time, effort and ongoing resources

Usually grossly underestimated, resulting in partially completed families that never quite work.

If you have been struggling with any of these, you've just found the solution.

Revit Families & Libraries by RevitWorks

We've done the painstaking development, testing and documentation for you.

Create massive efficiency gains by reusing and recycling generic Revit components 

Our generic sub-components can be reused and adapted over and over to very quickly create the range of content you need.

Swap Revit components in a flash with the RevitWorks 'hot-swap' method

Nested components allow quick and easy replacement of one component with another (similar). Our 'hot-swap' method along with two simple rules will take the brakes off your building information modelling efforts.

Works 'out-of-the-box' or is easily customised to suit your process and standards

The whole process that BIM requires is 'baked-in' - from preliminary design to developed design through to completed documentation. There are no secrets in the way it is built so you can customise to your own requirements.

Who uses RevitWorks Revit Families?

So easy and intuitive to use. I can stay focused on my design

Built by documenters for documenters so my drawings, models and renderings look good

BIM Managers
High quality, consistently built,
full of features and ready to use right now!

BIM Consultants
Quick & easy to customise & integrate. My clients are happy
and productive sooner

Benefits of RevitWorks Revit Libraries

No waiting

Proven to work and ready for your team to use right now.

Perfect fit

Ready-to-use or easily customised to suit your requirements.

Very efficient

Streamline the entire design-to-documentation process.

Easy to use

Logical & intuitive ordering, grouping and naming.

Right for all

From preliminary to developed design through to completed documentation.

Extra help

Standards, templates, custom-built families and applications.

Don't take our word for it

We use them almost every day and appreciate the savings in time and the accuracy in the outputs.

Bill Urquhart, Designer / Director

A massive time saver for any business serious about BIM. Their content is well worth the investment! 

Samual McAlister, Senior Technical Sales Specialist - BIM

Quality add-ons and content that saves an enormous amount of time for our users.

Ian Nelson, Director

This is the supercharger or magic chip that helps make Revit sing.

Jonathan Custance, Managing Director

Come on... you owe it to yourself.

Work Smarter.
Use RevitWorks.

Why Revit Families?

Using Revit families for your project substantially simplifies the modeling process. The ready-to-use Revit object library can produce the desired results in the shortest amount of time. A variety of Revit component libraries can provide simple solutions for your model.

What is a Revit Family?

A family is a group of objects that helps you create a building component, such as windows, furniture, doors, and casework  etc.. Each family can have several types, including size, parameters, and material differences.

Benefits of RevitWorks Revit Components

Working with Revit without good familes can be incredibly be time-consuming. A good Revit family library can substantially reduce the amount of work that needs to be done within a model. Meanwhile, using a family in Revit can make the designing and planning more enjoyable.

  • Faster modeling
  • Smarter drawing
  • More time with your clients

RevitWorks families are ready to work, easy to use, and suitable for virtually any project.