HVAC Premium for Revit

A range of fully featured HVAC and Air Terminal components, ready to work for you.
Perfectly suited for HVAC Engineers using full Revit

  • Free up modelling time with consistent families
  • Whole system of families that all work together
  • All connectors configured properly, schedulable and ready for calculations
  • Ordered, structured and flexible families built for usability

Air Terminals

HVAC equipment

“The content that RevitWorks provides is of the highest quality I have seen when it comes to Revit families. Not only are they easy and intuitive to use on real world projects, but they are a massive time saver for any business serious about BIM. RevitWorks content is well worth the investment”

Samual McAlister
Senior Technical Sales Specialist, Autodesk Australia Pty Ltd

Huge range of customisable families

HVAC Equipment

Over 115 pre-built fully parametric mechanical equipment families ready for use:

Air Handling Units | Computer Room Air-Con Units
Fan Coil Units  |  Split Systems | Variable Air Volume Units Heat Recovery Units  |  Attenuators  |  Fans  | Louvres
Fan Coil Unit Return Air / Supply Air / Outside Air Plenums (with round/ rectangular and Oval spigots)

Air Terminals

Over 400 pre-built air terminals, with or
without plenums, ready for use:

Supply Air / Return Air / Exhaust Air Terminals
Active / Passive Chilled Beams | Fan Coil Unit Cassettes Supply Air Diffusers | Return Air Grilles | Linear Slots
Linear Slot Supply / Return / Exhaust Air Plenums

Duplicate types and amend to create new variants

Air Terminal selections and graphics

RevitWorks air terminals come with pull down selections for 15 fully modelled rectangular and round diffuser types (including low detail varieties).
Render ready and you can add your own!

They have nested 2D symbols, with integrated symbology for blanks and dampers

Special Features

All items come pre-built with must-have controls and features (where relevant for the type of fixture) including:

  •  All spigot locations are fully parametric and can be moved to different sides of the equipment with the tick of a button
  • Air terminal symbols show on sloped ceilings as expected
  • Special schedulable calculated parameters added to help reduce errors: "Nominal Spigot Area required" vrs "Actual Spigot Area", "Calculated Outside Air Required"
  • Pressure drop and loss coefficient parameters used correctly to ensure pressure loss calculation accuracy
  • Warning messages appear on FCU plenums if flow mis-matches
  • Pre-built schedules included: checking schedules, air balance and outdoor air schedules
  • Pre-bult view templates with color fills included:  air flow, velocity,  friction and pressure loss view templates
  • Fully parametric exterior louvre families (round, trapezoidal, rectangular)
  • Render ready

Premium HVAC Technical Information

Detailed information in easy to print PDF's & our extensive help system

The full range

Catalog of all the 180 HVAC families and 520 (!) types you receive within this package

Technical Specifications:
HVAC Equipment

Technical information including object styles, detail levels,  shared parameter usage and parameter explanations

Technical Specifications:
Air Terminals

Technical information including object styles, detail levels,
shared parameter usage and parameter explanations

Schedules and View Templates

Documentation on how to use the schedules, color fills and view templates provided within your project 

"I have used RevitWorks products extensively for the past four years. The structure and logic of each tool makes design and documentation quick and efficient."

Michelle Saldanha - Stephenson&Turner NZ Ltd

Ready to Turbocharge Your Business?

HVAC Premium - Pricing & Options


Content for Revit
& Revit LT
Versions 2024, 2023 & 2022*

Sample content
for you to try

  • Small selection of HVAC components
  • Contains image of the whole collection
  • Fully customisable



Designed  for Revit
Versions 2024, 2023 & 2022*

Best for HVAC Engineers

  • Over 520 preconfigured HVAC components
  • Consistent functionality & placement controls
  • Fully customisable

starting from
$995 USD


Buy both products together and save $$$

for full Revit

starting from
$1490 USD


Content for Revit
& Revit LT
Versions 2024, 2023 & 2022*

Best for Architects
A limited range mainly just including second fix items (i.e. air terminals etc)

  • Over 245 preconfigured HVAC components
  • Consistent functionality and placement controls
  • Fully customisable

starting from
$475 USD

All pricing is in $US. Local sales tax may be added at time of purchase.
* Older versions are no longer supported but may be available upon request.


If you have previously purchased any of our products you will be able to upgrade that product to the latest version at a fraction of the full purchase price.

HVAC Premium UPGRADE Pricing

All components will automatically upgrade themselves when loaded into a newer version of Revit (just like any other Revit family). An upgrade is only required when we release new components and features.

There are no current upgrades available